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Aerial & Ground Spraying

Aerial Spraying

Aerially applying crop protection chemicals has long been the most timely and effective method available to agriculture producers. Timing is everything to the commodity grower, and when the time is right, aerial application meets the needs of today’s high and input-high yield production strategies.

Ground Spraying

For areas and circumstances where aerial application cannot be done safely, we have the ability so spray your crops and improved pasture with our state of the art ground spraying equipment.

Cropland Spraying

Weed and insect control in row crops is our specialty. As long as there are crops in the field, we are at work controlling all varieties of yield reducing pests.

  • Herbicide

    We can apply Glyphosate (roundup) to round up ready crops, as well as most any other herbicide labeled for aerial application. Timing is critical to herbicide application in order to reduce damage done by invasive weeds.

  • Insecticide

    Insects can damage crops faster than nearly any other pest that panhandle farmers deal with. BFS can scout for worms, aphids, and other crop damaging insects, and treat fields accordingly.

  • Growth Regulator and Foliar Fertilizer

    We apply mid season growth regulator and foliar fertilizer in an effective and timely manner to actively growing cotton, peanuts, and grain/sorghum crops.

  • Fungicide

    Nearly every crop grown in our trade area is susceptible to nematode, blight, fungus, and various other crop disease. BFS treats thousands of acres every season to prevent damage by crop disease.

Range & Pasture Spraying

Invasive weeds, mesquite, cactus, and many other unwanted species can be controlled with aerially applied herbicides.